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Multiverse Warriors

A game that allows you endless possibilities

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Multiverse Warriors is a massively multiplayer online browser game set 700 years after the collapse of the Multiverse. You are one of the great leaders that were scattered throughout the Multiverse and were sent into cryogenic sleep against your will. Since you were last awake the political landscape has changed and you will try and rebuild, and grow your reputation across the 462 known systems. Research-based progression provide you with a truly unique experience as you rise to power.

You will start out with an undeveloped world! From there you will attempt to turn that into a mighty empire capable of defending itself, or at best scaring your potential enemies. Forge alliances creating valuable and potentially powerful friendships, produce fleets, and engage into epic battles!



Simulation Combat Simulated battles based on Attack Turns featuring hundreds and thousands of ships, derived from the Multiverse

Skills Based Economy RPG Research skills to increase your economy for natural growth or for conquest.

Political Role Play Role play as a politician of your home world against other leaders to enforce or defend your beliefs



The Multiverse Warriors community plays together on a single server, where the results of your actions resonate across the entire Multiverse. Forge a reputation that matters.



Player actions directly influence the games economy. Players who grow can dominate all those around them, or become farms for larger accounts. Your skill and guile matter.



Learn advanced skills to increase your armadas chances of success in battle attacking or defending a planet. Alternatively grow your income to incalculable levels.



New content is added to Multiverse Warriors on a near-monthly basis. New features, updated content and improved systems are never more than a few weeks away..