Game Guide
Published / Last updated: Feb 1st 2015
Version 1.0.0
Rules of the Game
Players caught breaking the following rules will result in your account being suspended, and you will no longer be welcome to participate in our game. The rules have been established to allow all players to enjoy fair gameplay.
  1. Only one account per person
  2. No automated processes, macros, scripts or other 'non human being' run account activity is allowed.
  3. No attempts to break into accounts, the game, or otherwise disrupt the game. Passwords must not be shared.
  4. No using bugs or exploits of any kind - These must be reported immediately to the Admin team!
  5. No threatening players in real life of any form. Implying that you are going to locate and harm another player. Players caught doing so will be reported to your local authorities. We take threats of any kind very serious!
  6. An account existing for the purpose of supplying another account is considered a multi even if it is controlled by a different person and both accounts can be punished.
  7. Any breaking of the rules can result in punishment, suspension, banning, or banning of your entire ISP.
How we got here?
Hello... Try not to speak, as you need to conserve your strength. We didn't think you would have survived the revival process, the miners found your life pod buried deep in the planet, and from the few records before the great war, we know you are exactly what we need to survive! We are humbled by your presence. We know much about you, and when you've recovered, we would like you to lead our people. From the moment we found you, you were destined to lead, but we never imagined that we would require your leadership so soon.

Much has happened, during your slumber, and I suppose you wish to hear all about The Multiverse.... and the Multiverse Warriors!

The Multiverse was discovered by accident many years ago, by one of the more advanced races, their hubris caused the destruction of their universe.... Our uni... No all universes, and the peoples left are all that remain. In your method of time, several hundred years have passed. We need you to join the Multiverse Universe as the new leader of our people. We have established a colony, away from the politics, the wars, the battles, and the plights that have led us here, and during that time led a peaceful life.

Unfortunately, we have grown to such a number that we have now been discovered by the others! They know we are here! And they could attack at any moment, and believe me, whether we fight or do nothing they will come and plunder our lands. The universe as you know it has fallen, as new races and species with powers and technology you can not imagine exist out there. Some are peaceful, others..... not so much. There are great wars involving thousands of ships, some as large as the moons themselves! We have lived in peace for so long that our people can not think like a military leader which is what we need for the Warriors to respect us enough to fight for us.

The Multiverse Warriors are the armies of the Universe, they are the peoples cast out of society for their violent ways, and if you can believe it actually enjoy fighting! After the last great war, our respective governments decided that all weapons will be outlawed. The Warriors left known space, and for a time, our universe was safe, secure, and most important prospered. Then without provocation a world consumed by greed sought out the Multiverse Warriors, and offered them resources for the use of their ships. The Warriors agreed, and offered to remain loyal in excahnged for the continual supply of food to feed their crews.

You will start out with an undeveloped world, our world! From there you will attempt to turn that into a mighty empire capable of defending itself, or at best scaring our potential enemies into thinking attacking us would be a very bad idea.

We need you to create an economic and military infrastructure to support your quest for growth and the next greatest technological achievements. Our peoples will support you in whatever decision you make!

If you wish to wage war against other empires as you struggle with other factions to gain the materials we required to grow as a society, the Warriors will support you.

If you can, negotiate with other leaders and create an alliance or trade for much needed resources to continue to grow.

As I'm sure you already know, as with times gone past, you must build an armada to enforce your will throughout the universe.

And you must hoard your resources behind an impregnable wall of ships with powerful shields. Or store them in hidden banks on our planet!
Whatever you wish to do, The Multiverse Warriors can let you do it.

Will you terrorize all around you? Or will you strike fear into the hearts of those who attack the helpless?
The main object of the game is to become the most powerful player / alliance in the game. Players must use their cunning and guile to reach the number 1 spot creating the best realm they can. Getting to number 1 is the easy bit, staying there is hard as others will want to do the same, and being in number 1 paints a target on you for attack!! Our guide will help you obtain that goal!
Help by Navigation Options
Outer Frame
This outer frame will be the same for all pages. (must be logged in to see it)

At the very top you will see the summary bar. In this summary bar going from left to right you will see 4 boxes with info, attack, hull, covert, currency.

On the left side bar you will find links for the major pages (more details below).

On the right side bar you will find your number of attack turns, time until next turn, number of unread messages, and a few other bits of useful information will be below that.
Main ⇒ Tutorial
The Tutorial will teach you the basics of the game, and show you how to interact with other players. Complete each step to learn more and gain resources and knowledge.
Main ⇒ Command Center
This page is a general information page for your account. From here, you can see all of your account details and your ranking in each area compared to other players. Your general income and the upkeep of your ships.
Main ⇒ Universe
Every single account that is currently active can be found on this page in order of their overall rank. Their army size and resources on hand will be displayed to you depending on your covert power compared to theirs. You can then click on the persons name to see their profile page and take actions like sending them a message or attacking them.
Main ⇒ Universe - Player Interactions
Clicking on a player account allows you to see their profile page. From here you have the following options
Attacking another player allows you to destroy their Ships, if your fleet are larger in size or power than theirs, you will be be able to obtain a specified amount of their Credits, Food and Metals. This retrieved income is added to your own to use with as you wish. However if it is not used quickly another player can steal them away from you.

Spying on another player allows you to see certain account details in their account, particularly their army size, and allocation of resources. Their covert, defensive and attack capabilities. Their population growth, and attack turns and their current alert level. The phrase look before you leap comes to mind.

Send Message
You may want to communicate with another player, in order to do this, we have provided players with their own "in-game email". This will send a communication to another player.

Give Resources
Players who have purchased MV Points can send to another player from this page. Donators will have additional options. A Donator of $20 USD (or more) will be able to send Attack Turns, Credits, Food, Metals and Untrained Units.

No community can exist without relations for your neighbors. As a result, we have 3 options available for players.
Declare War - This option allows players to Declare War on someone, this will increase their yields they receive by a large percentage. In addition damage will do more damage. If both players are at War, this will increase damage even further.
Declare Peace - This option allows players to Declare Peace with someone. Selecting this option will restrict the ability to attack, spy or destroy the other player
Declare Neutral - This is the default setting, if this is selected players receive the default amount of resources, and attack damage is reset to it's base level.


Make this user my commander
Setting a user as a commander is beneficial for both parties. Officers gain a percentage of the Commanders income (10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%). In return the commanders get a population bonus of the officers total unit production. More information can be found under the Officers Section below

Main ⇒ Population
On this page you can manage your accounts population/units.

Covert Operatives will add to your covert power with each unit adding an equal amount of power. Bankers will produce income while untrained units also produce income but at a lesser amount.

You can also upgrade your Population Growth here which will make your realm grow at an increased rate. This is very important for future growth! Increasing your Population Growth is vital for survival!
This unit makes research which is used in some upgrades. It can not be stolen from other players using standard attacks

This unit makes metal which is used in purchasing ships and upgrades

This unit makes food which is used in purchasing ships, ship upkeep and upgrades

Covert Operatives
This unit creates covert power which is used to spy on other players and also defend against spy missions

This unit makes credits which is used in training units, purchasing ships and upgrades

Untrained Units
This unit provides with 1/4 the income of a Banker and is trainable into any of the above skills. Also when you un-train any of the units above they go into this category

Main ⇒ Ships
Our fleets were destroyed and our peoples were left with simple ships that while could travel to other worlds, they could no longer protect our worlds the way they once would. Technology such as cloaking was banned. The ships that exist today are a combination of multiple technologies that are known to work. The ships you can command for battle are located here. We have 3 classes of weapons on each ship to choose from - Laser, Proton and Plasma. Each Tier has a variation of the different classes each designed to destroy the other.
These ships contain a crew of 10 warriors and has 1 forward canon, they are light and nimble, and have no room for shields.

The Destroyer was created as a cheaper alternative to a fleet of thousands of Frigates. Each ships has a crew of 20, and comes equipped with 2 canons, and Type-1 shield generators, which help in fending off a Frigate attack

These ships are mid range ships with crews of 50 - 75. Their larger size over Destroyers allow more weapons, shields and stronger hulls. These come with 4 canons and Type-2 shield generators

At nearly double the size of a normal cruiser these ships are bulkier and can take more of a beating than their smaller counterparts. These ships come with 2 Type 2 shield generators, and 8 canons, manned normally by a crew of 100 - 150

The Battleship was developed as a weapon to maintain peace, with 14 canons and powerful Type-3 shields and an almost impregnable hull. Manned by 300 warriors, these ships are deadly to all who oppose them.

The Carrier, also known as the Terror of the skies is a powerful ship containing 24 Type-2 canons, two of the all powerful Type-3 shield generators, and an enormous crew that keep on fighting. At 5 times the size of cruisers these Terrors of the skies contain a crew of 1,200 warriors all with a appetite for destruction of your enemies

Dreadnoughts were developed specifically for the task of destroying Carriers. These sleek powerhouses are aided by an army of Ground troops who help the onboard crew target the Carriers from a safe location. Manned by a crew of 200, and aided by 300 ground forces, these vessels come equipped with 40 Type-2 canons, and Type-4 shield generators. The only way to defeat one of these ships is to destroy all 1500 antennas, as just one is enough to communicate with the ground crew who can still control the ship even if the crew have all been killed!

Super Carrier
The largest starship ever created, over double the size of the already enormous Carrier, with 65 Type-2 Canons, a Super Enhanced Type-4 shield generator, the over 3,000 crew ensure that your name is known throughout the universe by the survivors in their wake. All fear the darkening of the sun as one of these massive Super Carriers appear as there is nowhere to hide

These are moon sized space craft, and are so superior in technological advances that realistically only another Titan can match it's awesome power! A crew of 10,000, 100 Type-3 Canons, and a Super Powerful Type-5 Shield Generator. Few dare attack these powerful ships as fewer will live long enough to regret attacking.

Not all ships are yours to command from the beginning, you must learn the skills and develop the infrastructure necessary to be able to command a crew of each Tier. These warrior ships are loyal to you, however all ships crews must be fed by your world in order to keep them loyal to you. If you do not feed them, they will not remain in your service and seek better conditions elsewhere!
Main ⇒ Ships - Exploration Mission
Exploration Missions are a way to protect your ships while also earning a bit extra. Each mission takes 7.5 hours to complete and provides you with some metal, food, and credits that your ships discover in space. While your ships are out on the exploration mission they will be unable to help in your defense or in any attacks you wish to conduct on other players. This also means they can not be destroyed when other players attack you! The size of the fleet you send will determine the size of the reward returned!
Main ⇒ Technology
From this page, you can upgrade your Technology.
Superpower LevelEach upgrade increases your income (Food, Credits, Metals and Research) by 1%. It also proves to the warriors of the Universe that you are worthy of commanding their ship, and each few levels unlocks a new ship for you to command.
Covert LevelYou can also upgrade your Covert Level. Each level doubles your Covert Power, which is important to ensure that your enemies can not see what is going on in your realm.
Research LevelEach upgrade increases your Research generation by 20%.
Base PointsEach Base Point will increase that skill by 1%, you are given 20 points at the start of the game to place. To obtain more points you must purchase them on the 'MV Points' page. You can reset your base points by changing your race.
Main ⇒ Research
Here you can increase your research for your ships and your resource generation. Each upgrade increases your power by 1% for each class of ship in that area. And each upgrade increases by 1% for income generation for the specific type of research.
Main ⇒ Officers
Here you can disable additional people from making you their commander. As a commander you provide a percentage of your income to each officer in return for a percentage of their population growth. This can be set between 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30% of your income which is then added to your officers total income. It is not divided by 5 if you have 5 officers, each officer would get 30% of your income if set to 30%. Then the officer population growth is given to the commander based on half the rate.
Main ⇒ Bank
A safe place to store your income from attacks; however, there is a 2% banking fee to deposit currency into the bank.Items in your bank, can not be stolen, or used for upkeep of your ships.
Logs ⇒ Historic Battles
Here will be displayed to you the summary of attacks on you and what you did on others. First will be the summary of attacks on you by other players. They will be in order of when they occurred, the person who performed the attack, if currency was stolen and how much, damage you dealt, damage taken by enemy, and then a link for the actual battle report with full details can also be found in each row for that single attack. Each attack has a detailed Battle Report which you can review

At the bottom you can then see the same info for the attacks you have done on others.
Logs ⇒ Intel Reports
Here you can see the details on covert missions.

At the top you will find missions against you by other players. At the bottom you will find your missions against other players. From here, you can see the following information
Realm Power
Offensive Power
The opponent's Offensive Power, which can be compared with your own. E.G. if your Opponent has a power of 100 and you have a power of 50 there is a pretty good chance that you will have no chance of defeating them. This of course depends on what type of ships you have compared to them.
Hull Power
Your Opponent's Hull Power determines if their ship/s will be destroyed in an attack run. E.G. if the hull power is 20, and the attack power is 2, for that class of ship, you will require 10 ships to destroy this ship.
Covert Power
This is the complete total of your opponent's Covert Power. This will determine if your account can spy on this user or not. Be careful however, as if your spies are caught, they may not return, and will be interrogated to determine where they have come from. In this instance, the person you spy on will know who spied on them and may attack you.
Laser Attack
Photon Attack
Plasma Attack
Laser Hull
Photon Hull
Plasma Hull
Laser Shield
Photon Shield
Plasma Shield
Realm Details
Population Growth
Attack Turns
Superpower Level
Covert Level
Research Level
Covert Operatives
Untrained Units
Total Population
MV Points ⇒ Use Points
To further upgrade different aspects of your account you will need to come to this page. To do these upgrades you will need MV Points. MV Points can only be obtained through purchasing them via donations to the site with real money via PayPal. This will ensure the game is always there to be played and kept maintained along with bugs removed and new features added periodically. The game also gives free MV Points, one point every single day, these points are as good as the ones you purchase except for the fact that they can not be given away to other players. You can donate as much money at one time to purchase these points in sets of 10, 20, or 50 US Dollars. However you can only use them at a set rate, each upgrade has a limit set to it to how many times per week it can be used or if you see a n/a that means there's no limit. For info on each upgrade just move your mouse over the question mark next to each.
MV Points ⇒ Purchase Points
Here you can purchase more MV points to use. All points are purchased through PayPal, and we do not retain any information other than what was purchased for which account.
Preferences ⇒ Account Details
Here you can link your Facebook Account, change your email account, change password, change game name (to get more name changes purchase them on 'MV Points' page), change race (you do not lose any stats, plus you get to reassign your base points to a different configuration), go on vacation.
In order to go on Vacation, you must not have attacked / spied on anyone in the previous 24 hours. Vacation lasts a minimum of 48 hours. During this time your account is removed from the attacking realm and no action takes place on your account (income, population growth do not occur). You are essentially non existent in the game! You will not be able to login during this time, and you will not be able to go back on Vacation for another 24 hours (+24 hours if you attack / spy on another player).
Players who on Vacation for 180 days or more may have their account automatically deleted. We recommend logging in once during these periods. In certain circumstances an email may be sent to the registered email address 1 week prior to deletion.
Preferences ⇒ Skins
You have the option to pick which skin or look you want to view when you play the game. You can freely and as often as you want switch between the different skins to pick the one you want to use.
Preferences ⇒ Recruitment
This page describes how the recruitment system works along with including the links needed. When someone joins the game via your link and then if they donate to the game you also get a bonus of MV points each time they donate. For more details check out the page.
Clicking this link will log you out of your account and send you back to the index page. It is not required to logout as your session will expire 2 hours after you logged in.
Tips for success
  1. Increase population growth
  2. Train Covert Units
  3. Form friendships and forge alliances with other players as they can help you
  4. Select a Commander (even if it is yourself)