Game Guide
  1. Only one account per user
  2. No automated processes, macros, scripts or other 'non human being' run account activity is allowed.
  3. No attempts to break into accounts, the game, or otherwise disrupt the game.
  4. No using bugs or exploits of any kind.
  5. No threatening players in real life of any form.
  6. An account existing for the purpose of supplying another account is considered a multi even if it is controlled by a different person and both accounts can be punished.
  7. Any breaking of the rules can result in punishment, suspension, banning, or banning of your entire ISP.
The object of the game is to become the most powerful player / alliance in the game. Players must use their cunning and guile to reach the number 1 spot creating the best army they can. Getting to number 1 is the easy bit, staying there is the hard bit as others will want to do the same, and being in number 1 paints a target on you for attack!!
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Outer Frame
This outer frame will be the same for all pages. (must be logged in)

At the very top you will see the summary bar. In this summary bar going from left to right you will see 4 boxes with info, attack, defense, covert, currency.

On the left side bar you will find links for the major pages.

On the right side bar you will find your number of attack turns, time until next turn, number of unread messages, and a few other bits of info will be below that.
Main ⇒ Home
This page is a general info page for your account stats. It also has your Alert Level which will decrease your income while improving your covert when another player tries to sabotage you.
Main ⇒ Universe
Every single account that is currently active can be found on this page in order of their overall rank. Their army size and resources on hand will be displayed to you depending on your covert power compared to theirs. You can then click on the persons name to see their profile page and take actions like sending them a message or attacking them.
Main ⇒ Universe - Player Interactions
Clicking on a player account allows you to see their profile page. From here you have the following options
Attacking another player allows you to destroy their defensive weapons, kill their defending units, and if your weapons are more powerful than theirs, you will be be able to obtain a specified amount of their Credits. Credits are used for increasing your own population, purchasing weapons, and certain research types

Spying on another player allows you to see certain account details in their account, particularly their army size, and allocation of resources. Their covert, defensive and attack capabilities. Their population growth, and attack turns and their current alert level. The phrase look before you leap comes to mind.

Successfully destroying a defense of an opposition player will only take you so far, there is always the option of retaliation against you. In order to prevent this, you should aim to destroy their offensive capabilities. Sending saboteurs (spies) to destroy the enemy is costly. If caught, your enemy will know who did it, and may do the same to you. If successful, between 60-100% of your spies that you send will die destroying their targets. The price of war can be costly

Send Message
You may want to communicate with another player, in order to do this, we have provided players with their own "ingame email". This will send a communication to another player. For the moment this only allows individual player to player communications. 11/11/14

Give Resources
Players who have purchased MV Points can send to another player from this page. Donators will have additional options. A Donator of $20 USD (or more) will be able to send Attack Turns, Credits, and Untrained Units.

No communinty can exist without relations for your neighbors. As a result, we have 3 options available for players.
Declare War - This option allows players to Declare War on someone, this will increase their yields they receive by a large percentage. In addition damage will do more damage. If both players are at War, this will increase damage even further.
Declare Peace - This option allows players to Declare Peace with someone. Selecting this option will restrict the ability to attack, spy or destroy the other player
Declare Neutral - This is the default setting, if this is selected players receive the default amount of resources, and attack damage is reset.


Make this user my commander
Setting a user as a commander is beneficial for both parties. Officers gain a percentage of the Commanders income (10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%). In return the commanders get a population bonus of the officers total unit production. More information can be found under the Officers Section below

Main ⇒ Population
On this page you can manage your accounts population/units.

Attack and Defense units are required to man each weapon otherwise the weapon will not add any power to your total. Covert Operatives will add to your covert power with each unit adding an equal amount of power. Miners will produce income while untrained units also produce income but at a lesser amount.

You can also upgrade your Population Growth here which will make your army grow at an increased rate. This is very important for future growth!
Main ⇒ Weapons
A safe place to store your currency from attacks; however, there is a 10% banking fee to deposit currency into the bank.
Main ⇒ Research
Each Base Point will increase that skill by 1%, you are given 20 points at the start of the game to place. To obtain more points you must purchase them on the 'MV Points' page.
Covert Level
The Covert Level will increase the power of each spy. Every 2 levels upgraded double the power of your spies while each level doubles in cost as you upgrade.

Research Level
Research requires funding, as such, you must be willing to spend money on Research for each level. The more you spend on research, the more you can unlock

Basic Research - Mining
Unlocked at Research Level 5 - These scientists dedicate their lives to finding better ways to produce credits from the processed Ore. Each level of research requires more and more scientists. Each boost will provide you with an additional 0.05% increase in yield. Once a scientist enters this research they will not want to do anything else, and therefore can not be trained in any other field. In essence they cease to exist

Combat Research
Unlocked at Research Level 10 - These Scientists are forever looking at better ways to defend your realm. Unfortunately all defensive weapons can be used for offense, so naturally your Military Commander utilizes the more advanced weapons to create more powerful weapons. A new weapon is created every 5 levels until Combat Research Level 20. These new weapons cost more to create and are harder to destroy.Once a scientist enters this research they will not want to do anything else, and therefore can not be trained in any other field. In essence they cease to exist

Main ⇒ Officers
Here you can disable additional people from making you their commander. As a commander you provide a percentage of your income to each officer in return for a percentage of their population growth. This can be set between 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30% of your income which is then added to your officers total income. It is not divided by 5 if you have 5 officers, each officer would get 30% of your income if set to 30%. Then the officer population growth is given to the commander based on half the rate. The officer still gets their full production, the commanders take comes out of no where. (A rate of 30% would provide the commander with 15% of each officers population growth)
Main ⇒ Bank
A safe place to store your currency from attacks; however, there is a 2% banking fee to deposit currency into the bank.
Logs ⇒ Historic Battles
Here will be displayed to you the summary of attacks on you and what you did on others. First will be the summary of attacks on you by other players. They will be in order of when they occured, the person who did the attack, if currency was stolen and how much, damage you dealt, damage taken by enemy, and then a link for the actual battle report with full details can also be found in each row for that single attack.

At the bottom you can then see the same info for the attacks you have done on others.
Logs ⇒ Intel Reports
Here you can see the details on covert missions.

At the top you will find missions against you by other players. At the bottom you will find your missions against other players.
MV Points ⇒ Use Points
To further upgrade different aspects of your account you will need to come to this page. To do these upgrades you will need MV Points. MV Points can only be obtained through purchasing them via donations to the site with real money via paypal. This will ensure the game is always there to be played and kept maintained along with bugs removed and new features added periodically. The game also gives free MV Points, one point every single day, these points are as good as the ones you purchase except for the fact that they can not be given away to other players. You can donate as much money at one time to purchase these points in sets of 10, 20, or 50 US Dollars. However you can only use them at a set rate, each upgrade has a limit set to it to how many times per week it can be used or if you see a n/a that means theres no limit. For info on each upgrade just move your mouse over the question mark next to each.
MV Points ⇒ Purchase Points
Here you can purchase more MV points to use.
Preferences ⇒ Account Details
Here you can link your Facebook Account, change your email account, change password, change game name (to get more name changes purchase them on 'MV Points' page), change race (you dont lose any stats, plus you get to re asign your base points to a different way), go on vacation (sets your account in a sort of freeze where its safe till you come back, altho no time goes in your account ie no income or anything else), and lastly delete your account.
Preferences ⇒ Account Details - Politics
Each realm starts out initially as a Republic voting you to their leadership. Your actions reflect on your citizens. As your realm grows stronger, each political system differs slightly from the others, in terms of attack, defense, covert, and population growth. You decide which direction to take them
In our game, you can choose one of the following political alignments
A Republic is the most common type of political standing.

In a Dictatorship, you earn more, however there is a cost of this, some areas suffer

Federation citizens are happier as everyone is working for the common good, but defense suffers

A mighty Empire is feared by it's emenies, your attack / defense grows, however your covert weakens, your citizens are also unhappier

Citizens living in a Monarchy do everything for King and country, however at a price, as they are completely in love with you, they forget to produce new citizens. You can also lose power as some of your citizens flee more powerful kings after being attacked

Preferences ⇒ Skins
You have the option to pick which skin or look you want to view when you play the game. You can freely and as often as you want switch between the different skins to pick the one you want to use.

You can also create your own skin to use. I highly suggest everyone who knows how to use photoshop to try this. It is very simple to do you just need to change about 10 different images and test them on the simple file I created on the download. If your skin is good enough, it will be uploaded onto the game to be used by you and anyone else who wants to. You will also get your name and a message placed at the bottom of every page that uses your skin. More details are located on the Skins page.
Preferences ⇒ Recruitment
This page describes how the recruitment system works along with including the links needed. When someone joins the game via your link and then if they donate to the game you also get a bonus of MV points each time they donate. For more details check out the page.
Clicking this link will log you out of your account and send you back to the index page. It is not required to logout as your session will expire 2 hours after you logged in.
Donator Bonuses
Donators to the game will receive the following.
Last Login Time
On the Universe and Player pages, donators will b able to see the alst time the opposition player logged into the game.

Command Center
Players will have access to a new page that allows them to view all aspects of their account, compared to the averages. E.G. if your Turn Produce is 10,000 Credits per turn you will see if that is higher or lower then the game average

Access to Beta Features
Players will have access to Beta Features before they become live. These will allow donators to get ahead of the curve, by learning how to use new features. Note - We reserve the right to reset any features / stats at any given time.

% increase to stats
Donators will get a 10% boost for a period of time. The duration will be determined by the amount donated. E.G. $5 USD will provide you with a 5% boost for 3 Days, $10 USD will give you a 10% boost for 1 week, $20 USD 20% boost for 1 week, etc..... You can find more details on the Purchase Points page within the game.